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Governor Says Ballot Propositions Key to Fixing Budget Mess

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With a state budget deficit of $15 billion, Governor Schwarzenegger is hoping voters will approve the ballot propositions that will allow him to balance the budget.

Gov. Scvhwarzenegger was given an honorary degree at the University of Southern California this weekend, and the new Doctor of Humane Letters said he hopes the voters will vote for six propositions that will help him in his ongoing budget battles with the Democrat-led state legislature.

Here is a summary of the six measures on the ballot:

--Proposition 1A changes the state budge process; limits state spending; and increased the size of the state's "rainy day" fund for items like education, infrastructure or declared emergency. If approved, tax increases would be extended by one or two years.

--Proposition 1B addresses recent budget cuts in education funding and requires the state to pay local school districts and community colleges $9.3 billion. This only will take effect if Proposition 1A also passes.

--Proposition 1C protects funding levels for schools via the lottery modernization act, and allows $5 billion of borrowing from future lottery profits to help balance the current budget.

--Proposition 1D protects children's services funding by providing more than $600 million in difficult economic times, in part, but redirecting federal tobacco tax money, saving more than $600 million from the general fund.

--Proposition 1E calls for a temporary re-allocation of funds to pay for mental health services for children and young adults.

--Proposition 1F prevents pay increases for elected officials during budget deficit years.

San Diego County Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler said that so far, some 34 percent of mail ballots sent out have already been returned.

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