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911 audio reveals who called deputies on Francine Busby

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For the first time we are hearing audio of the 911 call that sparked a mêlée at a political fundraiser for congressional candidate Francine Busby.  The audio also reveals who called deputies to complain about noise at the democratic gathering.

911 Dispatch:  "This is 911.  How can I help you?"

Caller:  "I live over here in Cardiff."

The call came in at 8:38 p.m. on June 26, 2009.

It was a noise complaint about a fundraiser in Cardiff at the home of a political supporter of democratic congressional candidate Francine Busby.

The call continues:

911 Dispatch:  "What is the problem you're having there?"

Caller:  "They're having a political rally over here with a big loud microphone that everyone in the neighborhood can hear."

The call resulted in a scuffle between the responding deputy and two women at the fundraiser.  Both women were arrested and both women alleged police brutality.

The San Diego County District Attorney never filed charges against either the deputy or the women.  And, the man who made the 911 call has never been identified, until now.

911 Dispatch:  "And your name in case we disconnect sir?"

Caller:  "Dan."

The caller identifies himself as Dan Cook (otherwise known as Phillip Dan Cook, age 65) a neighbor who at the time lived at 1447 Summit Avenue just west of the Busby fundraiser.  He has since moved away.

Cook, a registered republican for the past year and a half, declined to be interviewed by News 8 when reached by phone.

Candidate Francine Busby says she's glad to finally know the identity of the person who made the 911 call.

The San Diego Sheriff's department has previously refused to release the reporting party's name.

News 8 obtained the first half of Cook's 911 call - which includes his name and phone number - from the California Highway Patrol.  Cook was then transferred to Sheriff 911 dispatchers.  The Sheriff's department is still refusing to release audio of the second half of the phone call.  A redacted transcript of that second portion of the call has been made public.

"I think it's one more piece of information to come out.  But all the information needs to come out so we know the whole picture," said Busby.  "We've asked the Sheriff to release those tapes.  Now the District Attorney has completed her investigation.  The Sheriff is doing an internal investigation.  It's time for that information to be made public."

One question is still remaining, though.  Is the man who made the 911 call the same man who was heard heckling Busby and other fundraiser attendees from nearby bushes?

911 Caller:  "Yeah, I'm sitting over here at home and there's a political rally over here in this neighborhood."

News 8 played the 911 audio for two people who attended the fundraiser.  Neither could say for sure whether the voice on the 911 call was the same voice they had heard coming from the bushes on that June evening.

"What I detected was a southern accent and the heckler did not have an accent, southern or otherwise," said attorney Christine Carlino after listening to the 911 call.

Busby campaign staff member Estevan Montemayor told News 8, "It's a possibility that it's him.  I don't know.  It's a fifty-fifty (chance)."

Cook, the neighbor who called 911, is a chemist and PhD who works in the pharmaceutical industry.  Election records show P. Dan Cook apparently has not contributed to the campaign of Busby's political opponent, republican Brian Bilbray.

We've posted audio of the entire CHP 911 recording on this page.

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