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For school kids, vaccines are key

Be sure to put vaccinations on your children's back-to-school lists, whether they're just starting school or heading off to college, experts say.


How to get your kids to eat better

If you want to keep your kids at a healthy weight, show them, don't tell them.


Forget math. Parents now pay ‘Fortnite’ tutors to improve their kids’ skills

Parents have begun paying Fortnite tutors to improve their children's skills at the game, with some hoping the investment will result in prize money or an eventual scholarship for college. More>>

Take time out now for school sports physicals

Most states require school athletes to have a sports physical, and now is the time to book it, doctors say.


Take notes in style with Moleskine’s old-school Mario-themed books

Moleskine has unveiled a new line of Mario-themed notebooks so you can go to class or work in style. Several different types are available, including notebooks that resemble the NES and Game Boy. More>>

Sports safety: it's not just child's play

Playing sports offers plenty of fitness and other developmental benefits for kids, but injuries are common


To fight childhood obesity, moms to the rescue

Moms can play a big role in combating America's childhood obesity epidemic, researchers contend.


Qualcomm’s newest smartwatch chips are made just for kids

Qualcomm is launching itself head-first into the future with the release of a series of smartwatch chips meant exclusively for children's smartwatches, aimed at educating and protecting the next generation. More>>

Google Classroom to stop students peeking online for test answers

New updates for Google Classroom include an option for teachers to prevent cheating during online tests by locking students onto the quiz webpage, and a tool that allows for the easy creation of virtual reality tours. More>>

For kids, summer is time for other types of learning

It's important for children to socialize during their summer holidays, a family medicine and psychiatry expert says.


2.5 million U.S. high school students had a concussion in past year

The damaging effects of a concussion are well-known, and new research finds the injuries are common among U.S. high school students.


Microsoft takes on Google in the classroom with Flipgrid acquisition

Microsoft is looking to solidify its position in classrooms, and has recently acquired Flipgrid, the video discussion platform currently utilized by more than 20 million teachers and students across the United States and... More>>

Google Translate does not hold up well in a classroom or a courtroom

How reliable is Google Translate? You're probably safe using it to order from a restaurant or ask for directions, but don't expect its interpretations to hold up in a classroom or courtroom More>>

Google plays guidance counselor with its new college search feature

Applying to college can be stressful, but Google's new search feature can help. It provides an overview of what students can expect from attending a specific four-year school, including cost, student life, graduation... More>>

Bookworms more prone to be nearsighted, study finds

You're probably familiar with the stereotypes about people who wear glasses -- these folks are studious and spend a lot of time indoors with their noses in a book.


Kids with asthma need a flu shot: study

An annual flu shot is key for children with asthma, a new study shows.


How broke college grads made animation software used in Jurassic Park and Iron Man

Chances are, the last movie you watched probably used a software created by a bunch of broke college graduates. Adobe After Effects is now 25 years old -- and has come a long way from the first Jurassic Park animation. More>>

Google Expeditions go beyond the classroom with AR Tours for Android and iOS

Google has officially rolled out its Expeditions AR tours to anyone with an Android or iOS device via the Google Expeditions app. In addition, the company also added more content for users to explore along with new features. More>>

FLI Charge’s conductive wireless charging could revolutionize classroom tech

FLI Charge and Bretford are bringing an innovative new conductive wireless charging product into classrooms and offices across America after winning FCC and ETL approval. Could this be the power delivery tech we've been... More>>

The best tablets for kids, no matter their age or your budget

Looking to keep those tiny fingers and brains busy? Tablets aren’t just for grown-ups, and many are kid-friendly! Here's our list of the best tablets for kids, with parental controls and plenty of tempting features to... More>>

Get smart: The best educational apps for iPhone and Android

"Education" may be a broad term, but there are more than enough quality educational apps on the market for both iOS and Android. Check out our top picks for the best educational apps for students. More>>

Adobe drops all-apps Creative Cloud price to $5 for K-12 schools

Adobe Creative Cloud is now cheaper -- if you're a K-12 school anyways. Adobe just announced that the all-apps plan is now $5 per student per year for schools. The company also plans to launch new resources for educators. More>>

Grab the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced for $1,300 if you’re a student or teacher

Microsoft's Surface Pro with LTE Advanced is now available to the general public, with a nice discount for anyone who also happens to be a student, parent, teacher, or member of the military. More>>

Another study finds later school bell brings sleep bonus for teens

Singapore's teens are the world's best on an international test of academic performance, but they pay for it with their sleep.


Yoga can soothe anxious grade schoolers

Yoga at school might work wonders for the younger set, new research suggests.


Check Before Using Your 529 For Pre-College Education

In 1996, the Small Business Job Protection Act created 529 savings plans: state-administered programs designed to help parents save for their children's future college costs. In a 529 plan, deposited funds are allowed to... More>>

Education tax savings

If you are paying college expenses for yourself or for one of your dependents, you may be able to deduct the tuition and fees on your federal tax return


44% Of Parents Feel Guilty Over Inadequate College Savings

According to, the average annual cost of tuition and fees for the 2017-2018 school year was $9,970 at an average public college for in-state residents. Out-of-state collegians paid an average of $25,620,... More>>

Helping your child navigate the high school years

High school is a major milestone in a teen's life.


Lack of Vitamin D can sideline college football players

Nearly 60 percent of college football players have low levels of vitamin D, a new study suggests.


5 Credit Tips For New College Grads

Congratulations! You made it through college armed with a degree, and hopefully a job. Now it's time to move on to the next stage of your education: life. The tests are all open book, the deadlines are varied, and some... More>>

Back to School Shopping Trends

Preparing for a new school year is an exciting time, but it can also be daunting. Luckily, Lifestyle expert Justine Santaniello partnered with Target to help find everything you need for students of all ages, whether they’re in elementary school or heading off to college. Trends for elementary school kids include personalization. More than ever, kids want to express themselves and show off their personalities in their gear and supplies. Target has a ton of great brands to choos...


JanSport's latest backpack is basically one giant QR Code

If you get one of these, you may have to attach a small sign telling others


Separation anxiety in children going to school

Separation anxiety that presents itself in children going to school is a regular part of childhood development for many kids. However, it can be very distressing to both the child and the parents.


Back to school laptop bag guide

Check out these five great laptop bags for students.

Turn your dorm room into a gamer den

When you move into a college dorm room, you accept certain limitations when it comes to your available living space. For gamers, that means you need to get a little creative in order to turn your room into the gamer cave you need to help you unwind between classes. More>>

Back to school tips from mom bloggers

Making the transition back to school can be quite a change for kids and parents alike. Here is some advice from a panel of mom bloggers.


Healthy lunch box ideas for back to school

Coming up with healthy lunch box ideas your kids will actually enjoy is not always easy. Here are some suggestions. More>>

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