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Got an NES Classic? Here’s how to hack it to play more than 700 games

If you were lucky enough to pick up an NES Classic before production stopped, here's a trick to get the most out of the console.


Separation anxiety in children going to school

Separation anxiety that presents itself in children going to school is a regular part of childhood development for many kids. However, it can be very distressing to both the child and the parents.


Savvy marketing gets school kids to snap up veggies

While clever marketing can steer kids towards junk food, a new study shows that creative advertising can also prompt more kids to eat veggies.


Guidelines stop heat stroke deaths in high school athletes

There have been no deaths among high school football players during preseason practice in states with guidelines to help students get used to the heat over time, a new study says.


Kids' grades may suffer when families move

Moving to a new home may harm young children's school performance, a study suggests.


Frat brothers keep chugging despite anti-booze efforts

The boys of "Animal House" and "Neighbors" may be immune to anti-boozing programs that curb drinking for other college kids, new research suggests.


Eating disorders seem more common in schools where girls predominate

Eating disorders may be more prevalent at schools where a greater portion of the student body is female, a new study suggests.


Schools in most states skimp on phys ed

Most states don't provide students with enough physical education, a new report finds.


Breakfast in school classrooms expands participation, not waistlines

The number of New York City kids eating free breakfasts in public school classrooms is growing, but the obesity rates are not, a new study finds.


School breakfast programs vital, even if some kids also eat at home

Students who eat two breakfasts are less likely to become overweight or obese than those who skip the morning meal, according to a new study.


Good sleep habits ready kids for school success

Children who have good sleep habits by age 5 do better at school, a new study finds.


Head lice no cause for panic

Most parents have at one time or another received the dreaded school notice: a case of head lice has been detected in your child's class.


Fidgeting may help students with ADHD learn

Students who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often get into trouble for fidgeting in the classroom, but that fidgeting may help them learn, new research suggests.


Exercise + classwork may = better math scores

Schoolchildren may have an easier time learning if exercise is part of their math and spelling lessons, a new study suggests.


Uncorrected eye problem linked to learning issues for preschoolers

Preschool children with uncorrected farsightedness are at risk for literacy problems, new research suggests.


Texting after dark may harm teens' sleep, grades

Instant messaging can be a source of emotional support for teens and help them collaborate on school projects, but new research shows that texting after the lights go out takes a toll on students' sleep quality and academic performance.


Parent's depression may harm child's grades

A child's grades in school might suffer if a parent is suffering from depression, according to a new study.


College kids spend a fifth of class time on digital devices

College students spend one-fifth of their time in class using digital devices -- such as smartphones -- for non-educational purposes, new research reveals.


Why learning a second language is easier for some

New research helps explain why learning a second language is easier for some adults than others.


Ban smartphones, improve student grades?

According to a new study from the London School of Economics, banning smartphones was linked to improved test scores among students in the U.K. Could it help U.S. students, too?


BlueLight gives college students an easy, more accurate way to alert police

Many college campuses feature a “Blue Light” system that allows students to get directly in touch with security. A new similarly named app called BlueLight brings the same functionality to your smartphone for an added sense of security both on and off campus. More>>

Back to school laptop bag guide

Check out these five great laptop bags for students.

Levar Burton Reading Rainbow Web app raises $1 million-plus on Kickstarter in one day

Building off the success of the Reading Rainbow iPad application that launched two years ago, Levar Burton launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier today that will bring the application to the Web as well.

How to raise cultured kids

Do you long for your child to choose the symphony over SpongeBob and couscous over mac ’n’ cheese? Raising a cultured kid can be easier than you think.

Crossing a line? California school district hires company to watch student's social media

The Internet is full of nightmares for parents and educators worried about safety. But does that make it appropriate for a school district to hire professional social media snoops to digitally tail their students' moves online?

12 useful online services and apps for students

The school year is about to begin, and parents across the country are getting kids ready with new school supplies, computers, tablets, and a few other must-haves. Before you send your student off to high school or even the far away world of college, you should sign up for these (or similar) services. More>>

Turn your dorm room into a gamer den

When you move into a college dorm room, you accept certain limitations when it comes to your available living space. For gamers, that means you need to get a little creative in order to turn your room into the gamer cave you need to help you unwind between classes. More>>

iPad, Nexus, and Note: Back to school tablets for students

High schoolers and college kids need tablets with good, pixel dense displays, speedy performance, and extras or accessories that will keep them productive both in class and at the library. More>>

Laptops 101: What's the best computer for your college major?

Back to school shopping for college students often requires a trip to the local computer store. Make sure you're armed with the right information before you pick up that new laptop.

Resources for Connecticut school shooting

For those looking for information regarding the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, here are some resources. More>>

Create a soda bottle rainforest Video included

Here is a green science project idea that's sure to put your kid at the head of the class. It's a rainforest terrarium made from an old soda bottle. More>>

Mars rover Curiosity and collaborate to inspire students to "Reach for the Stars”

Tastemaker, best known for his work with The Black Eyed Peas, has collaborated with NASA to transmit a song to Earth from the surface of Mars. More>>

Summer homework battles

You're still sitting on the beach, but unfinished summer projects for school -- posters, reading assignments, essays -- loom large. Here's how to make the job less painful. More>>

Twitter helps save 9-year-old girl’s banned school-lunch blog

A Scottish girl's blog about the quality of her school meals had been getting a huge number of hits after news outlets around the world got hold of the story last month. Then her local council told her to stop. And that's when things really kicked off. More>>

Lessons learned from a lifetime of gaming

This is your brain on Oregon Trail. And guess what? Gaming isn't the violence-inducing waste of time it's sometimes made out to be. More>>

Kids can handle tech OK, but tying shoelaces? That’s another matter

A survey which looked at how connected today's youngsters are with the great outdoors turned up some interesting, albeit alarming, results. More>>

Apple boldly reinvents the school textbook with iBooks 2 and iTunes U, but will educators bite?

With iBooks 2 authors can create textbooks, students can buy them for $15 or less, and teachers attain the ability to create entire courses on the iPad. More>>

Study: Students with smartphones study more often

While more teenagers and college students are utilizing tablets and smartphones in their daily lives, one study finds that students with access to these devices may be studying more often. More>>

What you may not know about your school nurse

Your school nurse's responsibilities go beyond fixing scrapes. Here's a primer on her role -- and how to help her help you. More>>

Saving cash on college textbooks: E-book rental services compared

Recently Amazon launched a Kindle textbook rental service to compete with several other services designed to save college kids some cash. Here's a look at how e-textbook programs compare. More>>

Summer athletes need to take extra precaution

Hot weather can cause problems – even for healthy individuals. Any type of training in heat and humidity can put children and teens at risk of heat exhaustion and, in extreme cases, circulatory collapse or heat stroke. More>>

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