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NOVEMBER UPDATE: Getting LASIK was the best decision I've ever made

New Updates!

"Thanksgiving Day on the Mission Beach Boardwalk. Thanks to Dr. Feldman I can fully enjoy the sites on this beautiful day!"

"Took a trip to Julian to enjoy some apple pie. Thanks to my clear vision, I can really appreciate the beautiful scenery."

What a view from Mr. A's!!

Goodyear blimp outside my apartment. Wouldn't have been able to see this without LASIK!

Vacation Updates!

"New York is actually that I can see! Thanks Clearview Eyes!"

"I'm so glad I had my eyes done by Sandy T. Feldman or I wouldn't be able to appreciate this beauty!"

Winter Update!

"Shaun White has nothing on me now that I can see clearly!"


"Why do they make seats so far away from the game if no one can see the players?" "Why do they make the scoreboard so small if no one can see the numbers?" "Why do they put the street signs so close to the exit if no one can read them until they've already passed it?"

I finally realized (when I went to the movies and had to squint for 2 hours) that maybe, just maybe, it was ME and MY vision that was the problem!

You've heard of LASIK and I'm sure you have a bunch of questions that are holding you back. ASK! ASK! ASK! 

I'm so glad I did, because Dr. Sandy T Feldman alleviated any concerns I had instantly. The procedure is painless, quick and darn near miraculous!

Did you know that trees actually have individual leaves and aren't just masses of green? I didn't until the next day after I got LASIK. And I could finally enjoy a flyover by seeing the jets, as opposed to just a blur somewhere overhead.

But it's not even the big events; everything becomes crystal clear. It's like living life in HD.

If you have glasses or contacts or can't see street signs until you've right under them, call Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and ask any questions you have. I guarantee you it will be the greatest decision you've ever made, and you will kick yourself for waiting this long.

See the golf ball when you hit it, see your kids' smiles, see the beautiful San Diego vistas and sunsets. God has blessed us with the most beautiful city in America, and He has blessed us with eyes. Call Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and she'll make sure you can experience both to the fullest.

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