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Child labor isn't the issue... but future conservatives...

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(Written by Anna, the Producer of the Mike Slater Show)


When I was about 5 years of age, my parents bought me my first rabbits. I have no idea what their names were, but before long, I had about 10 producing rabbits. You see, I did not have a cute "pet bunny" … I had meat rabbits.

Yes, there was, and is agriculture in San Diego, California, and at five, I was a little rabbit business woman.

My "business" and ambition grew. There were always horses, pigs, steers etc in the back yard, and it was always my brother and mine's responsibility to take care of them.

When we moved to Illinois for a few years, my brother immediately started working on our cousin's farm feeding and cleaning a large commercial operation of hogs, bedding down cattle in snow storms, and running tractors and grain trucks back and forth during planting and harvesting.

When we moved back to San Diego, I became known for all my livestock, raising pigs and steers that I showed in fairs and sold to people for meat. I had one of the top three student livestock projects in the state and I graduated from high school paying my own way, and having more responsibility in my teens than most people it seems have as thirty year olds.

I, as well as my brothers, am a hard line conservative… and THAT is why the Obama Administration is attacking the family farm.

The Department of Labor is trying to make it illegal for kids to work on the family farm, or even to work in any area of agriculture, even 4-H and FFA programs, which I was very involved in and support as an adult.

They say that it is a safety issue and that it is, "for the children". What it is really for is to undermine conservative values and hedge their bets for the future.

Kids on farms from an early age know the value of hard work. They understand what it means to fail and keep going. They have a sense of responsibility. They know what it takes to make money and the risks involved. They understand that there is no free ride. They are self-sustaining, not just to the point of earning money, but understanding how to take care of themselves. They know that action is required and that their families, other families, and even the animals they are raising are counting on them.

These are values that this administration hates. People like me don't make good liberals. We already know and have seen too much, and don't need the government to come take care of us.

We are set in our ways by the time we get to college, and can't believe what we know isn't true.

So if you think that this is just a liberal do-gooder-movement born out of a disconnection from this way of life, you are very wrong.

This is a deliberate work to make sure they get the next generations right where they want them… Looking to them for everything.

As for my "tortuous" upbringing in agriculture? Yes, it was terrible to get excited to get my fair animals every year. It was awful to see my hard work develop into something. The weeks hanging out at the fair with all my best friends and showing were simply unbearable. Getting a big check at the end and acknowledgement for my work well done was demeaning I suppose.

Sitting with grandpa on a porch swing while he took corn sprouts from the field and taught me how it grew and how God's creation worked and teach me life lessons through our labor, and spending days with family on a common purpose and laughing and working side-by-side, and enjoying honest living and each other?

Well… we just can't have that.

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