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Obamanomics: Gas prices highest ever for February

With pump prices at their highest level on record for this time of year, the stage is set for an even greater climb in gasoline prices and expenditures than in 2012. Retail gasoline prices have surged 17 cents in a week to top $3.50 a gallon on average, posting the highest prices on record for the beginning of February.  More here



California lawmaker looks top ban sugary drinks with food stamps

Out of concern for the "diabetes and obesity epidemic in the central valley and the rest of California," according to State Sen. Michael J. Rubio (D-East Bakersfield), who is proposing the legislation, SB 134, the list of items eligible for purchase with the food stamps will not include the calorie-rich beverages.

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Unemployment helps fight global warming

A worldwide switch to a "more European" work schedule, which includes working fewer hours and more vacation time, could prevent as much as half of the expected global temperature rise by 2100, according to the analysis, which used a 2012 study that found shorter work hours could be associated with lower carbon emissions.

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Federal Marijuana regs being created in DC

Polis' measure would regulate marijuana the way the federal government handles alcohol: In states that legalize pot, growers would have to obtain a federal permit. Oversight of marijuana would be removed from the Drug Enforcement Administration and given to the newly renamed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms, and it would remain illegal to bring marijuana from a state where it's legal to one where it isn't.

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Obama nationalizes gay marriage approach complicating approach in states

If marriage is a matter for the states, as Mr. Obama announced in May, you might think that California should be permitted to prohibit same-sex marriage.

The federal government is not a party to the California case, and it is not required to file a brief or to take a public position. Ms. Roberts asked Mr. Obama a direct question in May about whether he had given his lawyers instructions about what to do: "Can you ask your Justice Department to join in the litigation in fighting states that are banning same-sex marriage?"

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Congresswoman 40k delinquent on property taxes

In fact, property tax records show Kuster has been delinquent on more than $40,000 in property taxes over the last three years. For her primary residence, she's been delinquent on six different, consecutive assessments. For the most part, Kuster and her husband do eventually pay these bills along with a penalty.
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