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San Diego man sells submarine

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - For that person who has everything well, here is something they probably do not have -- a submarine.

That's right, there's one sitting in a Point Loma parking lot right now with a for sale sign on it.

It's not everyday you see a submarine for sale in Point Loma, but it's true. It's the real deal. And the story of how it got there is just as unique as the item itself.

Bill Rocco doesn't own the submarine but he is selling it for the person who does, in the amount of $10,000.

Bill says he gets about five phone calls a day, not to mention people who simply walk by and stare.

So how did it wind up in front of his yacht service business? It was all a matter of chance.

"A gentleman asked me to do some repair work on his submarine and when he saw my boat yard, he asked me to take care of all of his little toys. He has a whole assortment in the back," said Rocco.

That gentleman is a scientist and runs a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas.

His assortment includes a paraski, a submarine replica and two hovercrafts, one of which was just tested on Mission Bay.

"My wife says I'm opening up a circus now," said Rocco.

Back to that submarine, it weighs nearly a ton and was built over a period of 10 years in the 90's by Henry Agard.

He's 87-years-old now and lives in northern California.

"It took me several years to build it because I just did it out of cash on know?," he said.

Agard, a former merchant Marine, once tested the sub in a swimming pool but never in the open waters.

"It's all built to code and it's fiberglass," said Agard.

Several years ago, Agard donated it to an organization benefiting cancer research.

They sold it on eBay. And it's changed hands ever since.

Where it winds up next, no one can be sure, but it could retire right here in San Diego.

"We had a scientist from Scripps who may be interested in purchasing it," said Rocco.

Bill Rocco tells News 8 he has never worked on submarines before. But he and his staff have checked all of the mechanisms inside it to ensure the one they have does in fact work.

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