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Congratulations Lance Corporal Matthew Payne!

Dr. Peter Hellwig, D.D.S. along with his wife Kathy Hellwig are thrilled to announce the winner of the "Give A Soldier A Smile" campaign. The winner is Lance Corporal Matthew Payne, an active Marine. Matthew Payne was nominated by his father Slater Crusader Troy Payne who told Matthew's story through a letter he had written as a child, and through a picture he sent of him at age 13.

Troy Payne writes: This is apparently something the teacher had the kids write to express their feelings about 9/11. My son was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I hadn't said one word to him about 9/11 yet. I wasn't even political or even conservative or aware of world affairs at the time. This was all him.

Matthew Payne (Age 7 –Original – Not Edited) 9/17/01 All the people are dying. The terrist are killing them and they are mean and bad and we need to kill the terrist and stop them. The bilding was on fire and there was lots of smoke coming from the windows and from the hole in the bilding where the plane crashed it. All the people were jumping out of the bilding and they were crying and the people were scared and im scared and im sad the people are dying and hurt. We need to call the police and the army so they can kill the terrist. I want to stop them but I cant im to little so the adults and the police and the army has to stop them.

Troy Payne writes: My son at age 13. Again, his idea to attend the rally in support of the Haditha Marines at Camp Pendleton. HIS sign, his words. Sign made with him by his mother.

Matthew Payne today. Lance Corporal Matthew Payne, age 20. 0311 rifleman combat Marine.

Lance Corporal Matthew Payne is one of our military heroes and Dr. Peter Hellwig, D.D.S. is thrilled to announce that he will be giving Matthew Payne a brand new smile that he can be proud of, worth over $14,000. Dr. Peter Hellwig, D.D.S. and his wife Kathy Hellwig want to say THANK YOU to all our brave men and women who fight for our beautiful country. Stay tuned to see Matthew Payne's transformation, and his new great big smile.

(A huge THANK YOU to KFMB listener Vicki Jones who is the owner of Advanced Dental Arts, which is the dental lab used by Dr. Peter Hellwig, D.D.S.. She will be donating some of the lab fees for this promotion to help Matthew Payne receive his new smile!)



Dr. Peter Hellwig, D.D.S.

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