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Why won't the left unite around the recall of Mayor Bob Filner? Is Edward Snowden a patriot or traitor?

Those are the question posed by Glenn Beck during his San Diego broadcast from AM 760 KFMB, said Beck "one of the greatest radio stations in America".

On the show, Glenn talked to 760's Mike Slater about just how bad Filner-Fondle-Fate is for the city. "This is about power," said Slater, "and Filner is power hungry".

"This is the death of shame," said Beck, "you expect to see it in New York. But this is San Diego, one of the only conservative places in California. Democrats are standing by him because of the progressive agenda. It is the power of the collective over the individual."

Michele Bachmann appeared on The Glenn Beck Program yesterday to talk about the NSA's efforts to spy on American citizens. She says that the NSA isn't collecting info on us. Glenn asked, "then why do we have the NSA collection facility? That's the biggest load of B-S I've heard in my life. Everyone has lied to us on this, and we have caught them."

NSA Whistleblower Diane Roark joined Glenn about the depth of the data collection efforts, "I believe that there is plenty of evidence that they have collected some content at least on phone calls and on e-mails. They collected content from the beginning."

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