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Obamacare glitch watch

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The weeks leading up to open, online enrollment Tuesday for ObamaCare have been marked by a series of technical glitches – from Oregon where residents are being kept off the state's insurance-shopping website to Washington, D.C., where a snag in the federal government's software is delaying small businesses from making Internet-based purchases until November.

The following is a round-up of the latest reports of problems ahead of the Tuesday launch:

Washington, D.C., Nevada: Delay in launch of Spanish-language site

The Obama administration tried Thursday to portray its delay of small business's online access as a positive development, saying officials thought that "taking a little bit of additional time" was in the best interest of the business owners. But the administration also announced the launch of the Spanish-language version of the federal insurance exchange would be delayed until late October.

Meanwhile, administration and state officials point out that the millions of Americans who want coverage through the federally subsidized Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can still enroll by phone, mail or third party.

In Nevada, the state-based site also will delay the start of its Spanish-language version. Many of the roughly 600,000 Nevada residents without insurance are Hispanic, but the start of the Spanish version of the Silver State Exchange could be delayed until as late as Nov. 15.

Oregon: Third-party needed to enroll

Oregon -- among the 16 state-based marketplaces or "exchanges" – is requiring residents to use an insurance agent or community group to enroll online through at least mid-October.

"I have no idea what this thing's going to look like Oct. 1," Rocky King, the exchanges executive director, said last week, according to The New York Times. "We could crash and burn and have to close it down." 

District of Columbia: Software glitch reported

The District, also running its own exchange, revealed last week that a glitch in its exchange software as it tries to calculate insurance-premium costs when factoring in tax credits, or subsidies, for lower-income customers. Officials also said the site still cannot determine who would be eligible for Medicaid, which about half of U.S. states are expanding under ObamaCare.

Colorado: Problems calculating subsidies

The state-based, online exchange -- Connect For Health Colorado -- will be live Tuesday for the roughly 700,000 residents without health insurance, but it also will not be fully operational because of problems calculating the subsidies. Customers can still get the subsidies, but not without calling for assistance for at least the first month.

A spokesman for the exchange said the state has hired 180 people to man a call center to help insurance shoppers.

Maryland: Delay for small businesses

Like the federal government, Maryland and its state-run exchange will delay enrollment for small businesses. The new projected start date is early January, delaying coverage until March at the earliest, according to The Washington Post.

The administration had already given some businesses – those with more than 50 full-time employees – the option to delay coverage.

In June, the White House announced it was delaying the so-called "employer mandate" that requires such companies to provide health insurance or pay a penalty. The one-year delay, officials said, was to give employers more time to prepare.

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