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What a government shutdown means for San Diego

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SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The partial government shutdown looming in Washington is threatening jobs here in San Diego.

San Diego is home to thousands of military members that could get IOUs instead of paychecks. Their mid-October check would be the first affected, but if this is all resolved by October 7, that check should still arrive on time.

Unfortunately the situation isn't nearly as clear for many of the nearly 26,000 civilians in our county who work for the Defense Department. Starting Tuesday, they'll be asked to come to work, then many of them -- deemed non-essential -- will be sent home after a few hours and asked to stay there on furlough.

Flights should not be affected, because critical services including air traffic controllers and the airport's TSA workers will continue on the job, and will get paid, as will those who monitor and protect our borders, but not those who watch over our federal parks. Cabrillo National Monument will be closed if the government shuts down Tuesday.

Also affected, the processing of gun permits and federal loans to small businesses and families buying a home.

But your mail will still show up. United States Postal Service employees get paid from a different pot of money.

Ironically, the whole reason we're heading for a shutdown is because Republicans want to defund the president's health care law. But that law, better known as "Obamacare," would continue its implementation during the shutdown because its funds aren't dependent on the congressional budget process.

And in case you're wondering, Members of Congress and the president will still get paid if there's a shutdown. Their salaries come from a pool of mandatory funds. And yes, you still have to pay your taxes.

There have been 17 government shutdowns since 1977, and they usually only last a few days. However, the most recent shutdown in December 1995 dragged on for 21 days.

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