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Showdown at SDSU & Hillary Loves Obama, Except When She Doesn’t

Updated: Apr 15, 2016 12:57 AM

SDSU Poster Campaign Hits BDS Movement—David Horowitz Joins Us at 2:05 Today!

The David Horowitz Freedom Center claimed credit today for posters that appeared on the campus of San Diego State University attacking the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel as a “Hamas-inspired genocidal campaign to destroy the world’s only Jewish state” and naming individual students and faculty members who promote BDS on the Santa Barbara campus.

David Horowitz, President of the Freedom Center, commented, “We’ve decided to get up close and personal with merchants of Jew hatred on our campuses.”

Hillary Throws Obama Under the Bus on Libya and Syria

“The decision was the president’s. Did I do the due diligence? Did I talk to everybody I could talk to? Did I visit every capitol and then report back to the president?” she said. “Yes, I did. That’s what a secretary of state does. But at the end of the day, those are the decisions that are made by the president to in any way use American military power, and the president made that decision and, yes, we did try without success because of the Libyans’ obstruction to our efforts, but we did try and we will continue to try to help the Libyan people.”

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The Wealthiest California Residents Are Soaking it Up 

Nearly 90 percent of the money comes from one-fifth of the taxpayers – those making $91,000 and up. They belong to the only income range whose average income increased in the last two decades. Forty-five percent of the state’s income tax money comes from the top 1 percent of filers – those with adjusted gross income of at least $501,000. Those taxpayers recorded an average adjusted gross income of $1.6 million in 2013, almost double what it was in 1994.

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Obamacare is Bleeding Insurers

While analysts expect the market to stabilize once premiums rise and more young, healthy people sign up, some observers have not ruled out the possibility of a collapse of the market, known in insurance parlance as a “death spiral.” 

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New York Didn’t Value Last Night, Ted 

“I mean, [Cruz] blew it when he did the New York Values thing — that was a bad point,” said Ron Shindel, a Republican in attendance who also serves as the New York Police Department’s commanding officer of the World Trade Center. “But this is Trumpville — this is Trump town. I imagined the overwhelming support of Trump.”

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