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800,000 to Boycott Target, TSA Workers Scared & Blame TV for “The Donald”?

Updated: Apr 28, 2016 12:12 AM

800,000 Vow to Boycott Target

Over 800,000 people have signed the American Family Association’s pledge to boycott Target over the company’s policies regarding the use of bathrooms by transgender people. Target announced its “inclusive” bathroom policy last week that permits anyone to use the bathroom or dressing room that corresponds to their gender identity. The AFA believes that this policy puts women at risk for sexual assault and is urging those opposed to the policy to boycott the retailer.

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TSA Workers Fear Culture of Retribution

TSA employees told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that workers are afraid to speak up about problems at the agency and feel as though they will be unfairly punished, despite promises of protection from TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger.

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In Indiana Kasich Voters Are Picking Up Trump Signs

“People who were supporting Kasich have been coming into the office to pick up Trump signs,” said Laura Campbell, Republican chairwoman of Hamilton County, whose residents earn more money than anyone else in the state. “People are not happy here with that alliance.”

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Obamacare Still Not Great! 54% Disapprove Of It

The public’s views of the Affordable Care Act, which were evenly divided following the Supreme Court’s ruling last summer upholding a key section of the law, are again more negative than positive. Currently, 44% approve of the 2010 health care law, compared with 54% who disapprove of the law.

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Blame TV News for Trump—Only If We can Blame Them For Obama Too

“So yes, I believe Trump’s candidacy is largely a creation of a TV media that wants him, or needs him, to be the central character in this year’s political drama. And it’s not just the network and cable executives driving it. The TV anchors and senior executives who don’t deliver are mercilessly ousted. The ones who do deliver are lavishly rewarded. I know from personal experience that it is common practice for TV anchors to have substantial bonuses written into their contracts if they hit ratings marks. With this 2016 presidential soap opera, they are almost surely hitting those marks. So, we get all Trump, all the time.”

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Obama Blames GOP for Talking Down the Economy

“How people feel about the economy,” Obama told me, giving one part of his own theory, is influenced by “what they hear.” He went on: “And if you have a political party — in this case, the Republicans — that denies any progress and is constantly channeling to their base, which is sizable, say, 40 percent of the population, that things are terrible all the time, then people will start absorbing that.”

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