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Trump Wins!

Updated: May 3, 2016 11:27 AM

“We will make America Great Again.”

Donald Trump declared after he defeated Ted Cruz on Tuesday Night in Indiana, and it was a resounding defeat. There was no pathway forward for Cruz to even engineer a brokered/contested convention in Cleveland and he has suspended his run for the Republican Nomination.

I admire Ted Cruz for having the guts to fight the biggest baddest guy on the block—Donald Trump. Senator Cruz could have made this about himself, instead he made it about America and stopping Hillary.

What does this mean for Ted Cruz and his future? It is hard to say, what does Senator Cruz want? He gets to make that call. Is it to be VP, A SCOTUS Justice or Senate Majority Leader? That is all hard to say and entirely up to him. He has enough backbone for the entire GOP Majority!

The biggest losers are President Obama and Hillary. President Obama has been wrong on the race since day one—he said Trump would never be the nominee—he is! He said he will never be President—that remains to be seen, but President Obama’s track record on predictions isn’t pretty.

Also, interesting to note that while Hillary should have locked up the Democratic nomination back on Super Tuesday, she is mired in a knife fight with Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump is the Presumptive nominee before the Democrats have theirs. Hillary’s coronation is turning into the Red Wedding and the big money Democrat players have to be worried.

As for the remaining Republican in the race, John Kasich, I don’t know if Governor Kasich is going to remain in the race, but I have heard in these last hours that Ohio has put in a notice in search of a dead beat Governor, who is collecting a paycheck on a no-show job.

Just for the record, when I was scoring the Debates back in January, I called it for Trump or Cruz, I stand by it now more than ever. I knew it would be one of those men who would helm the GOP against Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Team.

Check my scorecard!

I will call it now…Trump is the next President of the United States.

To borrow a quote from Jimmy Johnson, the coach of the Cowboys way back in 1994:

“We will win the ballgame … and you can put it in three-inch headlines. We will win the ballgame.”

Print it — Trump Wins!

Now get to earning it!

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