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Veteran Waits Years for Benefits, More Bike Lanes & More Trump Protests

Updated: May 25, 2016 12:38 AM

San Diego Business Owners Worry Over Uptown Bike Lanes

During a public hearing Tuesday night, SANDAG gathered concerns to decide if the project that stretches 12-miles of bike lanes throughout uptown should be exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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Army Vet Filed for Benefits in 2001 and Still Hasn’t Gotten Them

When retired US Army veteran Leonard K. Jackson talks of his years-long wait to secure VA disability benefits for a range of physical and mental health issues suffered while serving, he has the White House behind him. That’s right, the White House, as the Obama Administration has used Jackson as a poster boy of sorts for Obama’s efforts to simplify and speed up the veteran benefits appeals process. Jackson, who served from 1980 through 1983 and suffers from depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), writes that he first filed for VA disability in 2001.

Fifteen years later, he has yet to receive benefits.

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Tantrums in the Land of EnTrumpment 

A group of a dozen protesters in the grandstands around the stage where Trump spoke unfurled banners that read “Undocumented Unafraid” and “We’ve heard enough.” Another banner accused Trump of being a fascist. At one point, a woman in what appeared to be a bra was throwing fake money in the air in the stands behind Trump. She was eventually escorted out by police and security.

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Bad Students Demand End to Tests and Grades Below a C

Students at Oberlin College are asking the school to put academics on the back burner so they can better turn their attention to activism. More than 1,300 students at the Midwestern liberal arts college have now signed a petition asking that the college get rid of any grade below a C for the semester, and some students are requesting alternatives to the standard written midterm examination, such as a conversation with a professor in lieu of an essay.

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Bouncers Being Trained to Spot Terrorists

Soft targets, like nightclubs, have been hit by terrorists in places around the world. Robert Smith, a nightclub security consultant, is teaching a group of D.C. club bouncers how they can help protect their establishments and the people inside.

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