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I Want Vin Scully to Accompany Me to the Grocery Store

Updated: Apr 22, 2016 7:19 AM

Vin Scully is widely regarded as the best sports announcer to ever walk God’s green earth. He’s most definitely the best in the baseball realm. It’s hard to argue for anyone else, but other broadcasters can be considered for that title. If you’re a casual baseball fan and have never heard Scully call a game, do yourself a favor and listen to some snippets of his broadcasts.

I’ll do you one better. Take a few minutes and read the transcript of Scully’s call from Sandy Koufax’s perfect game on September 9, 1965, against the Chicago Cubs. It’s a brilliant piece of sound that should be preserved in the Library of Congress.

Andy Strasberg was the vice president of the San Diego Padres for 22 years. He talked¬†with Scully roughly 40 years ago and Strasberg asked him to read a grocery list. It is perfection. The list included “a dozen eggs, a quart of milk, hot dogs and bologna.” (If you don’t have the patience to watch the whole video, listen from 1:12 to 1:47)

I’m personally very glad that Scully is hanging it up after this season. I’m not saying that he deserves to retire. It just seems to be the right time.¬†Here we are now in Scully’s 67th season in calling baseball games for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers organization. He started as a 22-year-old in 1950 back at Ebbets Field and hasn’t relinquished the throne since. Try and think of how many people have worked for 67 years for a single employer, let alone altogether. There aren’t that many.

On Opening Day at Dodger Stadium in 2016, he was given the honor of having Elysian Park Avenue (which leads into the Dodger Stadium parking lot) renamed Vin Scully Avenue. He’s absolutely deserving of this recognition but why now after 67 years? I digress.

What grinds my gears in regards to Scully is that a majority of baseball fans, especially in Los Angeles, aren’t able to watch/listen to their Dodgers play-by-play announcer in the last season of his illustrious career. Time Warner Cable SportsNet needs to work out some sort of deal soon. They are screwing baseball fans out of an absolute treasure. I have rooted against the Dodgers for a number of years. I’m supporting their fan base in hopes of getting one last chance to hear Vin Scully waxing loquaciously to the crack of the bat, the thump of a baseball into a glove, and the roar of the crowd.

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