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Hold Your Horses! There’s Now a Drug-Sniffing Car

Updated: May 4, 2016 1:01 AM

When AM 760’s Brett Winterble first told me this story, I swore that it was either out of The Onion or some sort of satirical version of The Drudge Report. However, this looks to be more realistic than a fantasy:

On patrol through a small neighborhood of old trailer homes, there was a clue something was wrong. We couldn’t see it, or smell it — but the car we were in could. Dr. Guido Verbeck and a team from the University of North Texas are now perfecting what they think will be the next high-tech tool in law enforcement — and the tool is built into an electric, Ford sedan. “The car could just drive by it and keep moving down the road,” said Verbeck. “It’ll alert the officers there’s something going on at the house, and where the location is.” (CBS 11 News, Dallas/Fort Worth)

I always thought it was both enlightening and fascinating at the same time that law enforcement was able to train dogs how to sniff out drugs. This would, in essence, help increase finding and arresting drug cartels and gang members distributing and anything of the like. Again, it’s quite amazing.

Now, you’re telling me that the University of North Texas has created something out of a science-fiction novel? This is awesome. Think of the steps that were taken in the making of this. They had to go to a pocket of Antarctica that had the cleanest air in the world.

What a concept, right?! The software created could not only pick up what’s in the air, but the location as well.

This is absolutely astonishing. The car can also pick up the fumes of any drugs from a quarter-mile away from the source. Thankfully, I don’t like to get mixed up with the likes of those who engage in drug-related activities. I really do hope this expedites the process in grabbing up criminals. This will help lower crime and keep many children away from drugs altogether.

Are we ever going to live in a perfect world where there’s zero crime whatsoever? I’m not drinking that Kool-Aid. The fact that this software is big enough to fit a suitcase, but there’s hope to not only expand the use of these vehicles to the whole United States, but other countries as well.

The only thing I ask is don’t let it get into the hands of the United States Federal government.

P.S. I can already see a movie being made about this. Wait! How come there hasn’t been one made already? Knight Rider, Transformers, and others don’t count? Hmm… that sounds a little fishy. Perhaps MacGyver will create a car with this software out of a paper clip, pencil and some bubble gum.

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