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Spray Tans: Major Faux Pas Can Provide Disastrous Results

Updated: May 4, 2016 3:08 AM

Let the record show that I’m a man who is completely accepting of my lack of a tan. I don’t actively try to obtain one, whether I go to the beach or kick it outside on my condo balcony. I try to avoid the sun more often than not, for what that’s worth.

I’m not against anyone getting a natural tan or an artificial spray tan. “To each their own,” as I like to say. Some get it for the upcoming summer beach body season. Some get it for weddings. Some get it for big events at a nightclub.

Whatever the reason may be, you like them or you don’t. However, if you know someone close to you that is getting one, be sure to provide a particular pearl of wisdom: don’t cry shortly following getting a spray tan.

Here’s what happened in a nutshell: a 17-year-old high-school senior in Ohio got a spray tan. This was in preparation for her prom and she felt pale prior to going. Ten minutes following the tan, she had an argument with her boyfriend and it led her to crying.

This provided thick streams of “watermarks” on her face and neck. She posted a picture of herself online and it made its way to social media giants like Imgur and Reddit, until she decided to take the original picture down.

The one solution that’s been provided for yourself or someone you know if you ever get in this dilemma is to shower. The girl ended up going back to the salon and getting another spray tan. Some online recommendations have suggested putting lemon on your skin in case this happens. Note to self: don’t do that at all.

What did we learn today? We learned that spray tans are okay for those who like it, but don’t cry a river shortly after getting one. This girl could claim ignorance because it was her first time getting a spray tan.

That’s a life lesson, for what it’s worth. You live and you learn.

Also, learn to live without posting every single problem you have on social media. It’s okay to keep some things private. Granted, this blog entry wouldn’t exist without this story, but it’s okay to disconnect from the social world to take care of your issues here and there.

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