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Skateboarding #FreewayChallenge: Darwin Award Nominee?

Updated: May 6, 2016 6:24 AM

The highly-coveted Charles Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award’s newest nominee: teenagers and young adults skateboarding in traffic on freeways across the state of California.

Adding insult to injury, these people are thriving with recorded videos of their stunts being posted and shared throughout social media. If you so care to indulge your cravings, use the hashtag, #FreewayChallenge.

The clips show skaters ditching cars in slow-moving traffic, hopping on their skateboards and doing a few basic tricks. Some get air, others propel their boards up embankments as they might a half pipe, or hang on to vehicles for a tow. Most skaters do their thing and get back in the car, but at least one shows a skateboarder falling onto his back and hitting his head in the middle of a highway before getting up and running to safety. (San Diego Union Tribune)

The California Highway Patrol has issued some warnings for these kids to stop trying to add more traffic to the already congested pockets of the state’s highways.

CHP Officer Jim Bettencourt said, “I’m all for having fun and I totally subscribe to that bumper sticker that says, ‘Skateboarding is not a crime.’ Having a passion for something is awesome, but not at the expense of other people.” (San Diego Union Tribune)

I understand kids are going to be kids. Young rebellious adults are going to do their thing. More often than not, this will be a fad that slowly fades away in a timely manner and it can be yesterday’s news. However, while the trending challenge is fresh and new to us, we must support our police officers in cracking down on these shenanigans.

Conversely, a man I know fairly well said something to the effect of, and I’m paraphrasing, “Freedom should be the ability to do whatever I want until it starts to hurt someone else.” I respect that to an extent.

We have come to a point in our lives where someone is bound to be offended by something another says or does. That’s inevitable and unavoidable.

What I don’t understand is why Officer Bettencourt stated in the article that pressing charges is not a priority. I get that, but examples need to be set. Give them tickets. Slaps on the wrists are better than nothing at all. This is likely an example to which most parents can likely relate.

What if they are lane-splitting in traffic, cause a driver to swerve and they hit another car and start a chain reaction that backs up traffic even further than normal? Are the kids going to get away with it? I sure hope not.

The sheer stupidity of kids is going to happen. I’m sorry to sound like a broken record, but it’s going to happen a lot. Isn’t the fact that pedestrians being on a freeway outside of a car or bus against the law?

We rarely see bicyclists on the freeways. Why? I have no idea, but pedestrians being prohibited from walking the highways is kind of obvious. Wouldn’t you agree?

CHP dispatchers said it would be difficult to determine how often motorists call 911 to report skateboarders on the freeway, since such an incident would likely be filed as a pedestrian on the freeway, which could also refer to a person walking near traffic, or riding a bike close to lanes. (San Diego Union Tribune)

Let’s be vigilant out there, folks. Keep our freeways relatively safe and knock some sense, with the legal realms, into these kids and young adults.

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