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Man Wants Balloon Release Banned at Nebraska Football Games

Updated: May 12, 2016 3:39 AM

So, there I was sitting in my cubicle at work. I was scouring through the world wide web of news stories. I came across this gem and I can’t believe that some of these lawsuits come to fruition, let alone are allowed to be filed:

An Omaha man is suing the University of Nebraska in an attempt to curb the balloon release tradition that happens at Husker football games, citing a 1976 federal law governing waste disposal. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Tuesday, Randall Krause said the mass balloon release results in the open dumping of solid waste, which is prohibited under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. (Lincoln Journal Star)

Ultimately, the tradition is as follows: thousands of fans individually release a single balloon into the air after the Cornhuskers score their first points at every single home game.

It looks like we are committing premeditated acts of violence on the very air we breathe. The ecosystem has gone to absolute muck and there’s no way to revive it one way or another.

Okay, I really didn’t think I had seen or heard it all. Now, this might just take the cake. Mr. Krause is claiming that environmental waste is a byproduct of releasing these balloons. This has been a tradition for Nebraska Cornhusker football for who knows how long. I’m really not sure, but I’d curious to find out.

Parenthetically speaking, if this was a guy trying to stop this kind of ritual at, for example, a San Diego State Aztec football game, he’d maybe gain some ground somehow someway. This is given in a hypothetical that the Aztec fans are committing such a crime against nature.

This is Nebraska Cornhusker football. This is about as American as it gets. It’s a religion out there.

Environmentalists have great thoughts at heart. I really do think there are moments where we are not supposed to litter or kill particular animals in order to help preserve them. We don’t like it when animals are on the endangered species list.

Whatever happened to natural selection or “survival of the fittest?” Charles Darwin is rolling around in his grave at this man, Mr. Krause.

My guess is that Mr. Krause will be laughed out of the court as quickly as I can say “Omaha!” (Thank you, Peyton Manning.) He’ll get as far, most likely, as Patriots fans suing the NFL, Roger Goodell, and their team owner, Robert Kraft, because of “emotional distress” from the fallout of “Deflategate.”

As part of the lawsuit, Krause listed 60 endangered animal species allegedly put in danger due to the balloon release. The lawsuit also said small children are at danger of eating the popped balloons after they land and choking or suffocating… He is also seeking an injunction to prevent the university from promoting the release during football games. (Lincoln Journal Star)

It’s a balloon! It’s a piece of helium-filled piece of latex rubber with a polyurethane ribbon attached to it. This guy’s sheer idiocy cracks me up to no end. Mr. Krause seems to have way too much time on his hands to attempt this frivolity.

I opine that there should be more important causes for us to fight as humans, and most certainly, banning the release of balloons at a college football game is not one that should be at (or near) the top of anyone’s list.

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