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Unions Preclude Firing of EPA Employee with Checkered Past

Updated: May 20, 2016 3:33 AM

The latest revelation involving the federal Environmental Protection Agency is quite the doozy. It’s almost as if the previous infractions were laughable compared to this one.

The Flint, Michigan, water crisis and the orange-colored river in Colorado are eye-popping transgressions. However, this oneĀ involving the attempted termination of one of their own has taken a wicked turn.

The Environmental Protection Agency was forced to pay $55,000 to get an employee to retire because the EPA was unable to fire him, even though he was a convicted child molester who also imitated a police officer, officials testified Wednesday. (Washington Examiner)

Let me say right out of the gate that I don’t know exactly what this EPA employee did to be convicted of molesting children. We certainly look down on those particular types of criminals. It’s just not okay.

Did he serve time in prison for his convictions? If so, was he on some sort of parole? He would’ve had to register as a sex offender, yes? Even if the answer is yes to all the aforementioned questions, I know that impersonating a police officer is a crime. It’s most likely a misdemeanor, but I believe it varies in multiple states.

If that’s what is comprised of said employee’s past, then what exactly did this guy do or not do to warrant his boss’s desire to fire him? We may not know because of some sort of confidentiality agreement within the union that protects these employees.

This brings up another question I have: what exactly do unions do for employees? When dues are paid for said unions, what sort of perks do they get? Do they get some sort of raise based on merit? Most jobs would apply that accordingly depending on their respective financial situations. I’m genuinely curious about the basis and foundation of a union.

Let’s get back to the matter at hand. How is it a federal government agency is using hard-earned taxpayer dollars to force athis employee to retire? Apparently, this isn’t the only case of misconduct under investigation with the EPA.

Among the cases detailed during Thursday’s hearing were an EPA contractor who admitted to watching pornography while on the job for one or two hours per day for 18 years before being fired, and an employee who stole thousands of dollars of office equipment and is still employed by the agency despite being convicted of theft, among others. (Washington Examiner)

I try to reserve judgment before knowing the whole story. I’m fairly certain we’ll never know all the details that are worth knowing because of some sort of government cover-up. There are a few politicians that will stop at nothing to protect the unions and everyone involved.

However, there are also a select few that will call out the EPA for what it is. While the agency’s mission is certainly innocuous, the actions of their employees are proving to be more and more absurd.

A question was brought up the other day regarding how we can work around these federal agencies that engage in such shenanigans, whatever it may be. What can we actually do as the federal taxpayer? It’s really hard to decipher a correct answer.

The best answer I can provide is either run for office and, by the power and grace of God, you are elected and can start trying to make changes to agencies like the EPA and others.

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