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Here's What's Up: A Message to the Media

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Hey Slater Crusaders, we’re making a bunch of videos here in light of the terrorist attack by an Islamic extremist in Orlando the other day.

We've got a message for the media: Stop showing glamor shots of this terrorist!

Why do you do that? Why do you show pictures that just build up this guy’s ego?

Why do you show the pictures that this guy would want you to show the world? You should be showing pictures of this terrorist with bullet holes in his head. Tell the would-be ISIS supporters that this is what happens before you go see your 72 virgins.

The FBI Director, James Comey, in his press conference said he refuses to use the terrorist's name.

Good for him! He doesn't even like using the phrase "lone wolf." He calls them lone rats. Comey doesn't even want to dignify them by calling them wolves. But as Comey was saying, he's not going to use the terrorist's name, even though the media outlets keep showing Mateen's Facebook selfies.

Remember the Rolling Stones cover of the Boston bomber? He looks like he's lost member of One Direction! He killed five people.

So to the media, please, after school shootings, after terrorist attacks, please don't broadcast their manifest. Don't show pictures of them looking like modern-day gangsters.

Show them dead. 

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