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The FBI Has Failed the American People

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The day after we celebrate Independence Day, Hillary gets off the hook even after the FBI Director lays out many laws that she broke.

Now, it would be one thing if the FBI Director, James Comey, said, "Hillary didn't do anything wrong. She never sent or received any classified emails. Everything was signed off on, everything looks great. So for that reason, we won't suggest charging her." 

But he said the opposite of all those things! He said that Hillary had several private servers, and that multiple classified emails were marked Classified at the time they were sent or received, which she said multiple times never happened.

Emails that were classified as Top Secret were sent on private servers! Top Secret is the highest security clearance level. It means if the information that is sent is made public, then it could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security.

We had so many veterans call into my show who had top secret security clearance when they served and they all said a variation of this:

I'm retired military. I retired with a top secret FBI clearance. And if I did one-one thousandth of what she did, I would've lost my security clearance.

I'm a retired United States Marine and I am so hot, I cannot believe what has happened here. I would be in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas if I would have pulled anything that she has done. This is a slap in the face to every military and every law-abiding citizen in the planet.

We had one Marine call into the show who shared that if someone sees something that's classified on an unclassified server, and that if they don't report it to superiors, then they're held responsible for it.

Hillary intentionally did all these illegal things. And she gets off the hook! Why? Because she's above the law.

Our founding fathers, when the wrote they Declaration of Independence, were influenced by a lot of things, obviously. But one document in particular was called Lex Rex. It's Latin for "Law King." This was the central question in the English Civil War in the mid 1600s. The king obviously believed that he is the law.

Means the king is the speaking law, so whatever he says, goes. But Samuel Rutherford reminded him that the law is above the king and no one is above the law. We now obviously live in a country where the king is above the law, or in this case, the royal family, the Clinton family, is above the law.

Someone who is not above the law is Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier. He took pictures of the inside of the submarine that he was stationed on. He later threw his cell phone away. Someone found it in the garbage, opened it up, saw these pictures of the submarine, and turned it in to authorities.

Guess what? Saucier now faces up to 30 years in prison. He'll probably get five or six, and he should. The Department of Justice said that Saucier had secret clearance and knew that the photos depicted classified material and that he was not authorized to take them. Hillary did the same thing. She did the same thing with her server.

She knew it was all classified. So why isn't she charged with anything? Comey admitted that she did all these wrong things, yet still she's not charged anything.

Also, since Hillary was sent and received top secret documents, who sent them to her? Why aren't they being investigated and charged with anything? They broke the law too! 

This is a sad day for our country, and I think that it's a turning point. We are, once again, no longer a nation of laws. Instead, we are now a nation of men. How can Hillary ever be trusted with classified information ever again if, God forbid, she becomes president?!

I'll end with this: Thomas Jefferson, in 1826, was invited to travel to Washington D.C. and be a part of the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Now he was old, this was actually the year he died, so he wrote a letter back saying, regrettably, that he couldn't make the trip. But Jefferson also wrote in this letter that he would have loved to meet with the remaining host of worthies -- that's what he called his fellow fanatic fathers -- the host of worthies who made the bold and doubtful choice between submission or the sword. Fortunately for us, they chose the sword.

And by sword he either means that they chose to pick out the swords and fight with it, or to make the choice that will end up with their heads getting chopped off by a sword for treason. They chose sword. Why? Because Jefferson hoped that their choice would send a signal to motivate men to break the chains that were binding them into submission, and to assume the blessings and security of self-government.

These men were willing to get their heads chopped off to create a country where no man is above the law. Is it fair to say that that experiment has ended today?

Now the final check on an out-of-control government, is the voting booth. Throw them all out! If the FBI and the Department of Justice won't throw the perpetrators in jail, then you can at least make these people unemployed.

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