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Advice to Donald Trump

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Hey Insider Deciders! 

For Donald Trump to win this election, he needs to own the media cycle every day until November 8th. He needs to be on the offensive, to set the narrative for each day and force Hillary to respond.

Here's an example of what this would look like: 

At the Democratic Convention, there were nine mothers of Black people killed by police officers in the last few years. They were all up on stage at the same time and shared their stories, it was powerful and emotional. There is no reason why Donald Trump can't do this at every campaign stop! Find 10 mothers from Chicago and Detroit, wherever, and have them tell their stories. 

Have them tell their stories of how they can't go outside, unless there’s police officers nearby, or how they're scared for their kids and the kids have to walk the long way to school to avoid gang-infested corners. Have some men stand up and say, Listen, I used to have a good manufacturing job but it moved to Mexico.

Now I live in a dangerous part of town, my kids are stuck going to terrible schools, and my older son graduated high school, but now there's no job for him.

Then, Donald Trump walks out and says,

"Here's what I'll do: If I were president, first of all, you never would have lost your job in the first place, but when I lower corporate taxes to the lowest in the world, companies are gonna be flooding into America and you’ll get yourself a job.

"For your kids, I’m gonna allow charter schools in your area. Mr Obama, Mrs Clinton, and everyone in DC aren't sending their kids to public schools. They send them to the private schools but your kids are stuck going to terrible schools? Not under President Trump! 

Your son who can’t get a job, why? Because your neighborhood is so dangerous, no one wants to start a business there. I understand what it takes to start business, and you need an area to be safe before you invest in it.

I am the law and order candidate. I'm gonna make it easier for businesses to open so that they will hire your son and all of his friends, so kids can make money working instead of dealing drugs."

Boom, done. That's it. How simple was that?

If Trump does this, now Hilary's on the defensive and she has to make the argument that Democrats are the best when it comes to the economy, which grew at a pathetic 1% last year. Now she'll have to make the argument why she's best on education.

I'll give you an example of how good the Democrats are at running the education system: Dunbar High School is 1.9 miles from the White House. Shockingly, the President doesn't send his daughters there and neither did Hillary. The percentage of students there who are proficient in English at Dunbar High? 8.3%.

And when it comes to inner city kids getting jobs, have Hillary explain why only one in seven teenagers in Philadelphia have a job. Now I'm not saying Trump is gonna do miraculous things in these areas, but it's hard to imagine anything worse than what Hillary will do.

Trump can win this election so easily! Set the narrative, get on the offensive, and make Hillary defend her failures.

So in parting, here's the Cliff's-notes version of my advice to Trump:

1) Own the narrative.
2) Play offense.

Here is just ONE example of how to do that. Get going.

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