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2016 Voter Guide


Mike Slater's Ballot Guide for 2016 Election


51 - NO
No more taxes.

52 - YES
But hold your nose when you do.

53 - YES
No more taxes.

54 - YES
No more gut-and-amend tricks from state reps.

55 - NO, NO, NO, NO!
No more taxes. Tell all your friends, if they do nothing else, vote NO on 55.

56 - NO
A yes increases cigarette taxes, which some think is good, but I don't want Sacramento to grow any bigger. Also, first they come for smokers, then they come for you.

57 - NO
Keep criminals in jail. No more early release measures. We've been burned before with Prop 47. We won't be fooled again.

58 - NO
English only in schools.

59 - NO
This prop does nothing even if it passes, so NO because it's an abuse of the initiative system.

60 If you want porn actors to wear condoms, which would essentially run the adult film business out of CA, vote YES. If you think this is a silly thing for the government to be involved in at all, vote NO.

61 - NO
This prop has NOTHING to do with veterans. Don't listen to any commercial that says it does. A yes would ultimately increase the price of medicine. We all want the price of medicine to go down, but this is not the answer.

62 If you want to completely get rid of the death penalty in CA, vote YES. If you want the death penalty to remain an option, vote NO.  --> If you vote NO on 62, then you'll also want to vote YES on prop 66 which will reform the death penalty process.

66 A YES will speed up and make the death penalty process less expensive.

63 - NO. NO. NO!
No background checks for buying ammunition.

64 If you want marijuana legalized for anyone over 21, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

65  and 67 If you want the government to shut up already with plastic bags, vote NO on 67. A YES on 67 will result in a 10 cent per bag charge at the grocery store. I am voting NO.

Now, IF 67 passes, the money goes to the grocery stores. I think this sets an odd and dangerous precedent, so I'm voting YES on 65 which would give the money to an environmental fund. Either way, just make sure 67 doesn't pass in the first place

MEASURE (San Diego County)

A - NO. NO. NO!
No more taxes.

B - YES 
If you want 1,700 homes built in Bonsall, CA

MEASURE (City of San Diego)

C If you want a chargers stadium downtown, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

D - NO
Because it's a mess.

If you want it to be easier to kick out disgraced officials (*Cough* Filner *Cough*)



H -  YES

If you want SD High School to stay where it is in Balboa Park, vote YES. If you want to move San Diego High somewhere else, vote NO.

Mission Bay leases make money for the city. If you want $1 million of that money to go to OTHER parks around the city, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO.

K - NO
Keep the primary system the way it is.

L - NO
This is a union ploy to win more ballot initiatives.

M - NO
YES increases the number of controlled homes. I am a NO vote (Read: "Economics in one lesson, What Rent Control Does")

Assuming state voters pass prop 64 and legalize marijuana, if you want the city to impose a 5-15% sales tax on marijuana sales, vote YES. If you don't want that extra tax, vote NO.

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