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Brett's First Cut: House GOP Let Tax Deadline Slip

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It’s the First Cut of the Brett Winterble Show for April 20th, 2017. Here’s what we are watching

Clown Prince Ryan and the House GOP Let Tax Deadline Slip

Brady added that the American public has a great interest in a simpler, fairer tax code and that tax changes for individuals “can help us move the tax cuts and reforms forward on the business side.” But the House GOP plan faces significant hurdles, since one of its central elements — a border-adjustment proposal to tax imports and exempt exports — has encountered opposition from retailers and many senators.


Should CA worry about North Korean Nuke Strike?

North Korea would need to overcome two feats of engineering to threaten the American mainland: a working ICBM system and a warhead for one of those missiles. Unlike shorter-range missiles, long-range missiles have multiple engines and flight stages, meaning North Korean engineers have to make rockets – and bombs – that can survive the violent vibrations of launch, the wrenching g-forces of flight, and the temperature changes of takeoff and re-entry from space.


Russian Troops to North Korean Border


SDSU Student Council Votes to Keep Aztec Mascot


This weekend—Summer Weather?



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