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Special Community Workshop: How to predictably sell your home within 5 days


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Special Community Workshop: How to predictably have your home sold within 5 days of going on the market and for top dollar.

For years now I’ve been sharing with folks how only the elite few are able to bypass the insanely flawed home selling process that the masses use.

The traditional home selling process puts all of the power in the hands of the buyer and creates massive inconveniences for you.  It also creates an adversarial buyer vs seller relationship.

Too many home sales (nearly all of them) utilize nothing more than simply putting a sign in the yard, sticking the home for sale online, and then accommodating buyers to view the home one at a time whenever best suits their schedule.  Meanwhile, you have to rush out of your home at their beck and call, often on short notice.

How is that good for you as a seller?  How is it good to put the buyer in a place where they have nobody to worry about but you?  How is it good to make their competition invisible, which allows the buyers to focus their energy on you and on your price.  Now you are under attack.

Worst of all, the way homes are traditionally sold literally makes it impossible for you to get the most the market will bear (which is the promise of every Realtor) because the “market” is never introduced to your home.  The activities don’t match the goal.

What about open houses? Sorry, even the National Association of Realtors has acknowledged that only 4% of home sales in a typical year are the result of an open house.   Let’s get real, most open houses are nothing more than curious neighbors and love struck couples looking for a nice afternoon activity.

And have you ever noticed that when you have sat down with agents in the past to discuss the selling strategy for your home, a heavily disproportionate amount of the conversation at your kitchen table was focused around price?  When an agent doesn’t have strong marketing levers to pull on, they are left with no choice but to make it all about price.  That’s why it can sometimes feel like you are negotiating with your own agent in addition to the buyer, the lender, appraiser, and inspector.

It is no wonder that most home sellers are frustrated.  Either consciously or subconsciously you realize that homes are sold with less strategy and less thought than nearly anything else in the world.  Even the phone in your pocket was sold with more intentional sales strategy.  In fact, you likely know somebody that was somehow convinced into thinking that standing in line overnight for the new iPhone was a good idea.  Now that’s marketing!

Imagine making one profound change that when expertly implemented results in a strategy that produces globs of qualified buyers fighting over your home.  Knowing that the buyers will be more worried about beating out one another rather than focused on beating you up.  Knowing that you will have a full market response within 5 days of going on the market so you don’t leave a dime in the buyer’s pocket.

Over the last eleven years of being in business here locally, I have developed a trademarked process that has resulted in my team being recognized among the top 150 teams in the nation by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal

The Empowered Home Sale

The first thing I am going to do for you is give you FREE tickets to a special educational home selling workshop where every step of that process will be laid out. You will be given the full roadmap I used to sell 188 homes in 2016 alone, while the average agent in our market sold only 4 homes all year using the traditional model you are used to seeing.  Then the plan is yours to keep and implement with zero strings attached.  You literally take it with you.

This workshop will teach you:

?How you can net upwards of $45,000+/- more on the sale of your home

?How to control the home sale as a seller and dictate terms to the buyer

?How to use buyer psychology in your favor to create a negotiating advantage

?What home improvements you should do and should NOT do when preparing your home for sale

?What really matters when it comes to staging

?How to move your buyer from a logical to an emotional state to extract the best price

?How to utilize the advanced pricing strategy known as Virtual Shelf Space™

?Much more

You take the entire process with you at this purely educational event and implement it how you want and with who you want.

Why would I do this?

By pouring my heart out and giving unconditional value to communities across the county, I know that a certain percentage of people will choose to have me implement this proven process for them.  We have done it over the course of hundreds of home sales and can offer you expert implementation.  And if you are like me, you are completely uncomfortable with your life in the hands of amateurs.  If you have an agent that you prefer to work with, that’s cool too! Or maybe you prefer to implement it yourself.   More power to you!  You won’t hear any complaints from my end. 

The workshop is purely educational and you are welcome to do with the detailed information you receive whatever is best for you.  No questions asked.

The worst that can happen is you learn a home selling strategy that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from anything you have ever been exposed to.  In fact, I guarantee you have never seen anything like this.  If you feel like you wasted your time in any way, or that you weren’t given enough meat and potatoes at the workshop, then I will personally hand you a gift certificate of $200 to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse as my apology. I am determined to make this a valuable use of your time, one way or another.

The best that can happen is you end up with a more empowered, intentional, and profitable home sale done on your terms, not the buyer’s.

This is the same process I used to sell Ladainian Tomlinson’s home in only 16 days and at full price after his home failed to sell with another agent for nearly three years!

Special Workshop Bonuses:

If you are selling your home in 2017, you will receive three special bonuses when you sign up for the workshop, regardless of hiring me or any other agent of your choice.  1. You will receive a full Virtual Shelf Space assessment (price strategy).  2. A home improvement audit of what you should do and shouldn’t do to get the greatest return on your money. 3. A free staging walk through. 

It is our way to honor your commitment to education and demanding a better home selling process than the status quo.

Here is what happens next:

Call 858-437-9532 to get your free tickets, while space is available.  When we have done this in the past the room has filled in short order, so hurry and get your tickets.  Capacity is limited.  Or visit The date is October 10th and the workshop is offered at both 12:15PM and 6:30PM to ensure a convenient time for you. The workshop is 90 minutes in duration.  It will be held in Carmel Valley at 12780 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130.  You will be given confirmation and your tickets will arrive by mail.  Please make sure to arrive a few minutes early as we are committed to starting and ending on time to the greatest extent possible.

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