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I love Failure.

I love hearing about the most successful people in the world and hearing their failures.

We all are scared to fail, we don't want to look stupid, we don't want to be embarrassed.

When we look at the most successful people in the world, we just see where they are now. We just assume that Colonel Sanders, Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken was a brilliant businessman who knew how to make money.

But he was 40 years old, when he even decided to get into the chicken business.

At 6 years old, his dad died.  At 16, he faked his age to enlist in the United States army, after being honorably discharged he went to work at a railroad company.  He got fired, when he got in a fight with a co-worker. 10 years later he founded a lamp company, only to find out someone down the street sold better lamps.

At 40 years old, he decided to try his shot in the chicken business. He found a little success and then World War I interrupted his business. He could have stopped. Luck clearly wasn’t on his side.

Colonel Sanders at 40 years old, has no idea what he's doing in life. A year after the war he tried to franchise his restaurant. He got rejected. Not once, not twice, but 1,009 times. 1,009!

Any sane person would give up. The 20th time, the 200th time, the 500th time... Nope he just kept pushing along.

He ended up selling part of his business for about $2 million, about $15 million in today’s money and the rest is history. He persevered.

I’m currently reading a George Washington Biography. By the time the Revolutionary War was over, Washington had lost more battles than he had won, by a large margin.

During the French-Indian war, while fighting for the British, Washington was told to stay in place and not engage in an attack. His young ambition got the best of him and he led an attack on the French, which resulted in the casualty of almost all of his troops. He was embarrassed, he almost left the military. Thankfully he didn’t.

Up in Silicon Valley, where you have people truly changing the world, with Apple & Tesla and all the other innovative companies, they have a saying. Fail Fast. Try something, you'll probably fail at it, then try something else. Fail fast.

That's how we get some of the world's greatest technology, is by those who fail fast. Those who are willing to push the ego aside and fail end up changing the world.

Nick Foles is the Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, and he was just named Super Bowl MVP. He started his college career at Michigan State and barely played his Freshmen year, so he transferred. Then he went to the University of Arizona, where he completed his final three years of college.  

He ended up getting taken 88th overall in the 2012 draft by the Eagles, 87 players selected before him. In 2014 he gets traded to the Rams and gets benched midway through the season. The next season signs with the Chiefs and gets benched midway through the season.

He signs again with the Philadelphia Eagles, this time as a back up. The Eagles start off to one of the best records in the NFL, led by the starting Quarterback Carson Wentz. Three quarters of the way through the season Wentz tears his ACL. The media writes off the Eagles chances of winning the Super Bowl, now that the starting quarterback is out for the year.

Nick Foles could have given up any time during his career. After not playing during his Freshman year at Michigan State, he could have quit. After being benched as a starter in the NFL, he could have quit. Yet, he didn’t he persevered through it.

Nick Foles ends up becoming the starter for the Eagles, because of the injury to Wentz. He then leads his team to the Super Bowl and becomes the MVP of the game.

Life is a journey and whether you're Nick Foles, George Washington or Colonel Sanders, you will fail and fail and fail, just remember it's all part of the process and history needs you!

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