Two sexual abuse survivors are suing the Vatican for allegedly failing to prevent the crimes--and for covering-up the misdeeds of the Catholic clergy.    

The survivors says they were abused as kids by Catholic priests who were suspected or should have been suspected to be molesters--but were allowed to remain in contact with young people. 

The lawsuit accuses the Vatican of violating customary international human rights law.  It also asks for an injunction requiring the Vatican to be more transparent with reports of priestly misconduct

The Diocese of San Jose says they weren't aware of a number of clergy accused of sexual misconduct that were recently named.  

San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath recently released the names of 15 accused clergy, while the law firm released names of 18 others who had worked in the area.  The diocese said that most of the newly named priests weren't assigned by the bishop of San Jose so they didn't have records of them.  They say when those clergy were reported, those allegations were not shared with the Diocese of San Jose.

Attorney Jeff Anderson, who represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, talked to Armstrong and Getty about the case.  

Listen to the interview below.

Prior to the announcement of the Vatican lawsuit, Mercury News/Bay Area News Group Investigative Reporter Matthias Gafni joined the show to discuss the latest revelations with Jack and Joe. Listen below.