The Armstrong & Getty Show welcomed Washington Post freelance reporter Shannon Sims to the show. Shannon lives in Rio and has been covering the Olympic Games for the Post. 

The Olympic chat quickly evolved into an interesting discussion of Brazilian street crime. Jack and Joe asked Shannon for her take on U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte and the other Olympians who were robbed on the streets of Rio. Who, by the way, aren't the only Olympians to have been robbed so far at this year's Games. 

She told them that crime is so prevalent in the city that her parents have gotten robbed every single time they have come to visit her. Shannon also detailed how gangs of youths march up and down Rio’s world famous beaches in broad daylight robbing tourists at knife point.

These revelations led the guys to wonder, why on earth would anyone ever want to vacation in Rio? And for that matter, why doesn’t Shannon just leave Rio to visit her parents instead of subjecting them to repeated armed robberies?

Oh yeah, and the U.S. won a bunch of medals.