New York Times intelligence and national security reporter Matt Rosenberg joined us on The Armstrong & Getty Show in February of 2018 to talk about a Russian spy who tried sell stolen cyber weapons back to U-S intelligence officials (he succeeded in walking-away with a large US tax payer-funded pay-off). 

Since then, Matt has covered a wealth of stories, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, alleged Russian spy Maria Butina and the death of Jamal Khashoggi.  

He was kind enough to rejoin Jack & Joe on this edition of the A&G Podcast to dig a bit deeper into a number of topics.  Matt spent a number of years embedded in both Africa and Afghanistan, and he shared his unique perspective on the state of the Afghan war, lessons we can learn from the tragedies of Rwanda and why he'd much rather be a journalist than a politician. 

Listen to the interview below.