Throughout the current chapter in the President Trump saga (Chapter 512, the Manafort Trial?), the common question asked is whether or not The President (or anyone within his campaign) colluded with Russian operatives in the run-up to the 2016 election.  

The Mueller Investigation has re-focused that argument, asking instead whether there was a conspiracy to defraud The United States?  The terms "conspiracy" and "collusion" are bandied about as though their interchangeable--but that's not the case.  

In an effort to gain some degree of clarity on these matters, The Armstrong & Getty Show will turn to a number of legal minds to gain the benefit of their perspective.  One such person is constitutional law professor Harry Ditman (UCLA, UC San Diego).  He joined the show to talk to Jack & Joe about the major points of interest in this evolving drama:  the Trump Tower Russia meeting, the DNC hack, and why election tampering remains an illegal activity.  

Listen to the interview below.