Thursday, Aug 18, 2016

Awkward exchange between CNN anchor and Trump adviser

This exchange is really only awkward for the Trump adviser. The anchor: "Your guys are down." Adviser: "Says who?" 
(You can stop watching at 25 seconds.)

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Lochte-Gate: What Really Happened?
"If you want to know what really happens when a bunch of dudes go out drinking, you ask Armstrong and Getty." Jack and Joe offer their take on what really happened to the group of U.S. swimmers who went out drinking, claimed to have been robbed and inadvertently touched off an international incident.
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Armstrong & Getty Summer Games Extravaganza 
It is Day 4 of the extravaganza and time for the microphone shot put challenge.

The after effects of the A&G Summer Games Extravaganza
Now for the after picture of the microphone shot put challenge:
(Marshall's shoulder injury)