Monday, November 28, 2016

Was it a SHOOTER? Wait—hang on?? Active Shooter at Ohio State—the latest

At least one active shooter was reported on the campus of the Ohio State University Monday and as many as eight people sent to the hospital, officials said. There was no official word on whether a shooting had taken place, but a Columbus Fire official told Fox News that eight people were transported to the hospital, with one in critical condition. 

Bozell: Secretary Of State Romney a slap in the face to Trump? But Trump would Pick Them!!

"The very idea of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State — or any other cabinet position in a Trump administration — is a slap to his supporters," Bozell, chairman of ForAmerica, said in a statement.

"Plenty of people (myself included) opposed the President-elect, but virtually all endorsed him once he was the nominee. Not so with Romney and the GOP elites."

Dems real plan with recounts—de-legitimize Trump!

9 Celebs Seduced by Dirtbag Fidel Castro

Vets Protest College’s that took down flags

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