Friday, September 2, 2016

Emails Show Major Clinton Foundation Donors Lobbied Huma Abedin for Diplomatic Passports 

Recovery Growing ‘Long in the Tooth’

“This expansion is getting long in the tooth, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that trend job growth would begin to moderate,” Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania, said before the report.

The 89 estimates in the Bloomberg survey ranged from gains of 92,000 to 255,000 after a previously reported 255,000 July increase. Revisions subtracted a net 1,000 jobs from overall payrolls in the previous two months, as June’s increase was cut to 271,000 from 292,000.

Job Growth Falls Just Shy of Expectations in August at 150,000, Unemployment Holds at 4.9%

Kaepernick Takes a Knee

Bossie Hire Has Team Clinton Worried

According to the Washington Post, his new responsibilities — along with overseeing day-to-day campaign operations — will include “crafting attacks against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton” and “mining past controversies involving her and former president Bill Clinton.”

The Clinton camp was quick to respond to the hire, releasing a statement from campaign chair John Podesta: “David Bossie is so craven and maniacal that in the heyday of the overreaching Gingrich-era Congress, the top Whitewater conspiracy theorist in the House had to fire him for doctoring evidence … This is the latest sign that Donald Trump has put the most extreme elements of the right-wing fringe in the driver’s seat of his campaign.”

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