Monday, September 12, 2016

Bummed Out as Chargers Collapse in KC

“It was better than what it has been, but it’s still not good enough,” King Dunlap said. “I can’t even … I don’t know.”


After Hillary Collapse on 911- Kaine Ready to Take Over- but Would He?

The Democratic National Committee reserves the right to replace a candidate who dies or drops out, and it doesn’t provide additional details in its by-laws. So presumably the Democrats would have to make up the process up as they go along. The DNC could entrust replacing Clinton to a central DNC brain trust or, more likely, replicate the RNC’s system, handing the vote over to the committee’s state delegates.


HATE CRIME? An Attack on 911 Memorial

Today is meant to be a day of respect and remembrance for all the victims and heroes of 9/11. Last night, our club sponsored a memorial for the 2,997 who died exactly 15 years ago. Students of all backgrounds came out and planted 2,997 American flags in our quad here at Occidental.

At midnight early this morning, vandals crushed, snapped, and threw in the garbage every single flag. Not one was left in the ground. 


WHO WERE THEY? And Why So Secret? 3 Heroes Tried to Stop San Bernardino Islamist Attack

 A new report from the Justice Department and the Police Foundation reveal many new, disturbing and dramatic details about the San Bernardino terror attack last December.

The report revealed that three mystery people tried to rush the two terrorists – but these heroes were gunned down. KCAL9’s Tom Wait says the report also included new information about the bravery and heroism from police and paramedics.


-Brett Winterble

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