Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lochte has a biiiiiiiig problem

@ABC video shows "US swimmer" "breaking down" gas station restroom door "fighting" w/ security guard

NPR Says its Uneducated, Rural Hicks that Drive Trump Support

But as one researcher argues, living in a rural area by itself shapes a person's politics, and can particularly drive a voter toward Trump."There's this sense that people in those communities are not getting their fair share compared to people in the cities," said Katherine Cramer, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin who studied how Gov. Scott Walker appealed to rural voters.

"They feel like their communities are dying, and they perceive that all that stuff — the young people, the money, the livelihood — is going somewhere, and it's going to the cities," she said. Cramer has labeled these intense, negative feelings against people in the cities "rural resentment." For example, Cramer said that rural people perceive (rightly) that their kids don't have the same opportunities as kids in some suburban and city schools, like AP classes.

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Polls Polls Polls—Hillary by .6 percent-- that’s POINT 6 percent not 6 percent

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Rasmussen says it’s a 2 pt race

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Scary time for states: Tax revenues slowing, budget deficits expanding. Some worry new recession around the corner 

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Princeton outlaws use of the word ‘MAN’

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Islamic leader wants to legalize polygamy in Italy

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