Thursday, September 22, 2016

GOV declares state of emergency in NC


White Man Dragged and Beaten Begging for Mercy in Charlotte Race Riots


Another night of violent protests in Charlotte


Trump Leads in NV, NC and OH


Donald Trump narrowly leads Hillary Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio.  That’s according to Fox News statewide likely voter polls conducted Sunday through Tuesday evenings.  Trump is helped by strong support from working-class white voters, while Clinton is hurt by a lackluster performance among younger voters and women. 

Tightening in VA


The primary differences in level of support over the past month are ideological moderates, where Clinton's lead has declined from 57%-22% in August to 45%-29% currently and partisan Independents, where Clinton still leads (37%-29%) but by a smaller margin than in August (43%-25%).

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YAHOO: Massive Data Breach—Millions Affected


Yahoo is poised to confirm a massive data breach of its service, according to several sources close to the situation, hacking that has exposed several hundred million user accounts.While sources were unspecific about the extent of the incursion, since there is the likelihood of government investigations and legal action related to the breach, they noted that it is widespread and serious.

Obama to Veto Bill in bid to protect Saudis over 911 Families


This would be the twelfth veto of Obama's eight-year presidency and one of his most politically fraught.

Congressional insiders insist they have the votes needed to override, in what would be a significant blow for the White House in the final months of Obama's presidency.

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