Friday, October 28, 2016

Spencer Kimball from Emerson College Polling Stops By at 2:05 to Share with US his 5 LATEST Polls Including: FL, NC, IL, NV and OH

Hillary Lead Evaporates—Trump Grabs Indys

Trump saw his biggest gains among political independents, favoring Trump by a 12-point margin in the latest tracking poll, 49 to 37 percent, after giving Clinton a narrow edge in late last week. Neither candidate has maintained a consistent lead among independent likely voters in Post-ABC polling this fall.


Artificial Intelligence Predicts: Trump Wins—More Popular than Obama in 2008?

An artificial intelligence (AI) system that correctly predicted the last three U.S. presidential elections puts Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House.MogIA was developed by Sanjiv Rai, the founder of Indian start-up It takes in 20 million data points from public platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the U.S. and then analyzes the information to create predictions.


Cities to Allow Illegals To Vote?


Dead Chicago Voters


CA Guard PAYBACK Backlash Grows

For the last three years, retired California National Guard Master Sgt. Bill McLain’s wife, Terese, has repaid a bit of his enlistment bonuses to the Pentagon with a caustic note.Each month, she writes “blood money” on the $100 check — the token amount the McLains pay on the $30,000 debt they deny owing — that she sends to the Pentagon. “Shame on you. Extortion,” she writes on the envelope.


NFL Ratings Plummet over Anthem Protest


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