Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bakery Refuses to Write ‘Trump 2016’ on Cake- Bakery Apologizes
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Pence in La Jolla Wednesday 
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More Zika Spraying Causing an Uproar

Critics of anti-Zika spraying point to places like South Carolina, where aerial spraying using an insecticide called naled reportedly killed about 2.5 million bees at an apiary east of Charleston.

The treatments in San Diego use an entirely different pesticide, one that dissipates within 20 minutes of application, said Rebecca Lafreniere, deputy director of the county’s environmental health department. And unlike the South Carolina situation, she said, local crews use special backpack-sized sprayers generating micron-sized water droplets that can be directed at specific features on a property where Aedes mosquitoes might rest, such as on a hedge or large flowering bush.

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Chaffetz Wants to Know Why Clinton Destroyed Federal Documents
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Obama Admin Gave 1.3Bn to Iran After Ransom

The subsequent $1.3 billion was transferred in the same way as the initial $400 million — to an Iranian cargo plane in Switzerland.

Lawmakers were livid to learn of the initial payment, which coincided with Iran's release of five American prisoners. When pressed, officials have since acknowledged the initial $400 million was used as leverage to guarantee their release, which many have called a ransom payment, a charge the president continues to deny.

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Terror Plot outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in France
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