Thursday, October 6, 2016

More Afghan 'Troops' Disappear in the US

Eight Afghan soldiers have been designated as absent without leave (AWOL) from their assigned military bases in September alone, Pentagon spokesperson Adam Stump told Reuters. He disclosed that the total missing since January, 2015 is 44.

Hillary Wants to Go After the 2nd Amendment and SCOTUS

IDIOT! NBC Reporter Says Obama Climate Deal Designed to Stop Hurricanes

Some FL Residents Blowing Off Storm

None of this mattered to John Long, who lives in the Florida town of Cape Canaveral.

"The hype is going to be worse than the actual storm. I feel I can do quite well," said Long, who owns a bike shop and plans to ride out the storm with his cat in his 32-foot recreational vehicle a half-mile from the ocean. He has lived in the Space Coast area for three decades. "There's always tremendous buildup and then it's no stronger than an afternoon thunderstorm. I'm not anticipating that much damage," he said Wednesday.

Trump Ruining the NFL?

Open Talk About War with Russia and China

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