Let us never forget the brave souls lost this day, 75 Years ago at Pearl Harbor - their sacrifice lives on.

Here’s what we are watching.

Sgt Behind CA Guard Enlistment Bonus Scandal Blames Bosses

“I had too much work,” she said. “People were sending me emails and phone calls, saying, ‘Where’s my bonus?’ I begged those people for their paperwork.”
Jaffe said some officers at Recruiting Command, which had about 250 staff members, criticized her for being overweight and ignored her pleas for help in processing claims.

“Is it fair that I took the full brunt of this? No,” a sometimes tearful Jaffe, 56, said in a telephone interview from her home in Citrus Heights, near Sacramento.

“I owned up to my responsibility. They need to own up to theirs.”


What a Laugher - Corporate America unnerved by Trump

Keith Hennessey, director of the National Economic Council under Bush, warned about the impact of Trump’s approach to business and trade, which he said could do “long-run economic harm to the U.S.” “When a politician rewards his business friends and punishes his business enemies it’s called crony capitalism,” Hennessey wrote in a blog on his personal website Monday.


NYT: Dems Should Look to CA for RENEWAL - Too Liberal!

This new class of Democratic leaders seems likely to reshape the political face of California for a generation. But for national Democrats, they also represent a potential talent pool of leaders who can pull the party out of the worst crisis it has faced since 2005, the last time the Republicans controlled the White House and both houses of Congress. California also stands ready to become a laboratory for Democratic policy that, it seems fair to say, will have little chance for enactment in Washington, at least for the next two years.


Day 1 REPEAL Dodd Frank
Trump can trim some of the damage as soon as he takes office by overturning nine Dodd-Frank rules that consume 1.2 million hours and $1.7 billion in compliance costs, according to a new paper by the American Action Forum. Because of the timing of these rules, Congress and Trump can easily rescind them, the AAF says. They can also overturn any Dodd-Frank "midnight rules" issued as the Obama administration heads out the door, one of which comes with a $350 million price tag, and stop the rest of it from being implemented. It's not much compared with the $36 billion in costs that Dodd-Frank already imposes on the financial industry, but it's a start, and one that will send a strong message that Trump plans to live up to his promises of deregulation and economic growth.