Surveillance Camera Catches Thief Heisting Teen’s Surfboard

In late July, as a Carlsbad family slept, a surveillance camera captured an intruder in the yard right after hopping a 5-foot fence.

"Pretty quickly executed plan; hop over the fence and straight to the surfboard area," said Devin Wolfe, the owner of the surfboard.

In the video, the burglar in board shorts looks around for a second, but quickly zeroes in on the $500 surfboard. He grabs it and takes off -- all in about a minute.

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Trennnnnnding dowwwwwn for HRC- Now only +1

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Wait! What?! Clinton Foundation Investigation Underway

Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official. 

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Techies are Colluding Against Trump- FB- IG, APPLE and Twitter Mark Trump for Destruction

Over the past year, Apple twice refused to publish a satirical Clinton Emailgate game, “Capitol HillAwry,” claiming it was “offensive” and “mean spirited” even though the game’s developer, John Matze, cited in communications with Apple that the game fits the standards of Apple’s own satire policy. Apple has, however, approved dozens of games poking fun at Donald Trump—including a game called “Dump Trump,” which depicts the GOP nominee as a giant turd.

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Russians Face Sanctions over Hillary Hack

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Mr. Huma Weiner still Sexting Women

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