ACLU Blames Christians and GOP for Orlando Terrorist Attack

Christian conservatives are responsible for the mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando because they "created this anti-queer climate," according to American Civil Liberties Union attorneys. "You know what is gross — your thoughts and prayers and Islamophobia after you created this anti-queer climate," ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio tweeted on Sunday morning.

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Mateen Hated Blacks, Jews, Women and Gays

A former co-worker of Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen said he was an angry, loud, profane man who used slurs for gay people, blacks, Jews and women. “He never used other words to describe them,” said Daniel Gilroy, who worked with Mateen at G45, told the Tama Bay Times.

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In wake of Orlando Attack, Questions Arise: Has ISIS Infiltrated Department of Homeland Security?

The DHS contract with G4S is worth more than $234 million. The contract states that one of the “performance requirements” is helping identify “suspected terrorists” trying to enter the U.S. The security contractor also provides security guards and other security services for “90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities.”

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FLASHBACK to Last Year— 73 TSA Workers With Terror Ties!

Background checks by the Transportation Security Administration cleared 73 people for access to secure airport areas even though their names were on a federal database of possible terrorists, a senior official told a Senate committee Tuesday.

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