#NeverTrump Republicans Push for Delegate Revolt
A Colorado delegate bound to Ted Cruz who will serve on the GOP Rules Committee told ABC News that she plans to introduce a clause that would allow delegates to vote their conscience. "All I'm doing is adapting to the circumstances," Kendal Unruh told ABC. "I certainly believe Trump's demagogic racist comments are hurting him."
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San Francisco Wants Voting Rights for Illegal Immigrants 
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is hoping that residents of the city who fear Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals will flock to the polls this November and support giving voting rights to illegal immigrants.
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GOP Senators Angry at Paul Ryan Over Trump Condemnation
One GOP senator said he and his colleagues are more upset with Trump’s lack of discipline, which has forced them to play defense instead of talking about the weak economy. At the same time, the senator added, “nobody was happy with Paul.”
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