School shootings have become a disturbing reality in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Since the Sandy Hook shooting, Ohio school districts are taking new steps to keep kids safe, including intensive training for school staff to carry guns in schools.

Fox 8 News reporter Matt Wright had exclusive access to a three-day FASTER (Faculty/Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response) course, in which school employees learned to confront a potential school shooter and eliminate the threat. Participants, including a superintendent, teachers, principals and a school bus driver, prepared for a potential school shooting situation in which every decision counts.

“I'm not a gun advocate. I didn’t even own a gun,” said Amber, an elementary school principal from Southeastern Ohio, who did not want her last name or school’s name used, as her school board has still not decided whether or not to arm teachers. A group of several administrators from the district attended the training and were set to report back.

“It was that my own children go to my building, and I had to think about them as well as all the other ones, and I thought, ya know I want somebody to protect them,” she said.

Join AM 760's Brett Winterble as he chats with Joe Eaton from FASTER Saves Lives and how teachers are trying to take a stand in defending children should another school shooting take place.

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