I know emotions are hot right now, BUT…

Trump supporters, this is your chance to reach out to Cruz supporters. You can’t win without them.

Cruz supporters, this is your chance to reach out to Trump supporters. Hillary will win without you.

I predicted Trump will win the nomination in a landslide a few months ago. I have no doubt he’ll beat Hillary as well. Trump’s negatives may be 70%, but Hillary’s are 56% (only a 14-point deficit, and he hasn’t even started going after her yet). The more she campaigns, the more people dislike her.

Trump can overcome that deficit no problem. Andrew Sullivan said,

“The idea of welcoming Hillary into your living room for the next four years can seem, at times, positively masochistic.”

Trump is at least…entertaining (?).

Here’s a possible argument one could make to the #NeverTrump team (I’m not making this argument officially yet, just throwing it out there): Is it worth being a part of something you disagree with with the hopes of having a positive influence within it?

If you “support” a candidate, does that mean you have to agree with them 100%? Can you support a candidate and still try to be a light within the movement?

Maybe you shouldn’t completely abandon a movement you see as wrong. Maybe that’s the best time to join it and possibly make it…less bad.

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