The President has tried for seven years to make it harder to buy guns. Yet, last year, there were a record number of gun sales. The more the left tries to ban guns, the more people go and buy guns.

I don’t often do this, but I want to give a piece of advice to the left on how to ban guns in America: Change American culture.

I see headlines about America and our “Love Affair With Guns,” our “Gun Obsession,” and our “Gun Culture.” All of that is true. But why is that bad?

As Henry Allen in the Washington Post outlines,

“It started with New England Indians trying to drive out settlers in King Philip’s War, 1675-76. Some 5 percent to 10 percent of settler men of fighting age were killed. Laws soon required settlers to keep firearms in their homes.

The 1700s brought the “Kentucky rifle,” the long-range symbol of frontier independence.

In the 19th century, Samuel Colt brought the gleaming modernity of mass production to gun making. The slogan had it that God created man and Samuel Colt made them equal. Cowboys carried Colts the way noblemen carried swords, as blazons of their status. Dime-novel writers invented the quick-draw duels that almost never happened…

The 20th century brought the dark romance of the gangster armed with Thompson submachine guns and private eyes with their snub-nosed .38s. World War II veterans brought home enemy guns as trophies of their victory…

Guns get handed down through generations, symbols of patriarchy.

They’re symbols of protection of the home, the romance of industry, equality, cool daring, mean-street savvy, fighting for liberation and family tradition.”

Americans love guns. It’s a part of our culture. If the left wants to ban guns, no law will ever accomplish that. They need to make owning a gun immoral.

Look at Candice Lightner. Her daughter was killed by a multiple-repeat drunk driver in 1980. Candice went on to found MADD. At that time, drunk driving wasn’t immoral. At least, few people talked about it. She changed the culture against drunk driving. The laws against it followed.

The anti-gun people need to do the same thing with guns if they want to eliminate them from our society. They need to make OWNING a gun a moral wrong. Owning a gun need to be immoral (and unmasculine) in and of itself. People who own guns need to be outcast, their masculinity questioned.

Do you remember a few months ago, when New York Times printed an article, “27 Ways to be a Modern Man.” One of them was, “The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.” The message here is, “You’re less of man if you own a gun. You have no need for a gun. Are you a mass murderer or something? And what are you compensating for by owning a gun anyway?”

The president says people cling to their guns as they do religion. Again, a gun being something LESSER men cling to when they’re scared.

I completely 100% disagree with this sentiment,obviously. Real men own at least one firearm and they know how to use it, clean it, store it properly, and understand that it’s a tool to protect you and your family. But you can see how the left is already trying to change gun culture in America by making it only something either homicidal maniacs and mass murderers would own, or insulting the masculinity of owning a gun.

This is the only way they can really decrease the number of people who own guns. But, they wont succeed at it. It’s too engrained in our American culture. And…owning a gun isn’t immoral. So they’ll never win that battle.

Driving drunk IS immoral. Candace Lightner won that battle. Good. Owning a gun isn’t immoral, so they won’t win this one.