Every Monday at 1 p.m., The Mike Slater Show features the Biographer of the Week, during which Slater poses the same question to every guest: what are three characteristics of this person you've written about that best define them and how can we apply those characteristics to our lives?   

This week Slater welcomed biographer James Scott the author of "Target Tokyo: Jimmy Doolittle and the Raid That Avenged Pearl Harbor." The book reexamines one of America’s most daring military operations which was carried out during World War II following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The counterstrike planned by President Franklin Roosevelt and his military counselors included sixteen U.S. Army bombers, under the command of daredevil pilot Jimmy Doolittle, which set out on a one-way mission to pummel the enemy’s factories, refineries, and dockyards and then escape to Free China. The book also paints portraits of young pilots, navigators, and bombardiers, many of them little more than teenagers, who volunteered for a mission from which few expected to return. 

As James tells Slater in this audio clip, he identifies Jimmy Doolittle's three major characteristics as: his agility, his brilliance and his tenacious nature.